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We take a personal approach to our luxury wedding floral services, focusing on what makes you, YOU.

We start by understanding your vision and preferences, drawing inspiration from the natural world to craft floral designs that feel organic and genuine. Each arrangement is thoughtfully put together to complement your special day, ensuring that every detail resonates with your personal style and the emotions of the occasion. Our process is collaborative and attentive, aiming to transform your wedding into a beautifully memorable event that's uniquely yours.

You likely have a beautiful vision for your wedding day, but bringing that dream to life can be a complex endeavor. You need someone who knows exactly HOW to make it all happen.

Like many couples, you might find yourself seeking guidance to elevate your celebration to its fullest potential. We’re here to show you what truly works, seamlessly bringing your wedding vision to life with elegance and artistry.


If you're looking for:

design direction and clarity

Someone who understands the importance of having a clear, cohesive design for your wedding. Our expertise in floral artistry provides the direction and clarity you need, ensuring every detail aligns perfectly with your vision, creating a stunning aesthetic that feels right.

Unique Artful designs

Designs that stand out with artful elegance, each crafted to showcase unique, inventive compositions that make your special day unforgettable.

someone who just *gets* your style

Someone who understands your style; who can transform your wedding from beautiful to extraordinary. We pride ourselves on our intuitive ability to connect with your personal aesthetics and aspirations, crafting floral designs that resonate deeply and authentically with you and your celebration.

We can help with that.

We'll bring your wedding vision to life with our expertise in luxury fine-art floral design. Our collaborative approach ensures every detail—from grand installations to delicate table settings—perfectly captures your style and enhances your special day.

What Makes Us Different

We redefine floral design by elevating it to the realm of fine art. Our approach is deeply rooted in a respect for nature’s intricate beauty, drawing inspiration from the lush, organic patterns reminiscent of the Dutch Golden Age. Each creation is more than just an arrangement—it’s a bespoke piece of art, tailored to reflect the unique essence and vision of our clients. Our dedication to collaboration ensures that every detail reflects your desires, making your event not just beautiful but meaningful. It's this genuine commitment to artistry and individuality that truly sets Fleur de Vie apart in the world of floral design. 

seriously, we will absolutely nail your vision.

“I'm SO GRATEFUL I hired FDV for my wedding. Everything was SO MUCH BETTER than I expected. It was magical”

Megan absolutely killed the florals. Everyone was saying it was the most beautiful wedding they've been to. I gave them full creative control and Megan's vision was exactly what I was hoping was an absolute epic vibe brought to life. I'm so unbelievably grateful and in awe of her talent!

— Morgan

“I was absolutely beside myself from the beautiful magic that was created. So so so much beauty. Megan's designs were perfect and wonderful and everything more than we imagined!

— Catherine

So, if you're ready for artful designs and cohesive aesthetics... to finally get design guidance, or to know what it feels like to be immersed in experiential art...

Let’s discover how our bespoke floral designs can transform your event. We’ll be with you from the first conversation to the final, stunning setup, making sure every detail of your celebration not only captivates visually but also echoes your personal journey. Together, we’ll craft a deeply memorable experience that’s rich with beauty and emotion, uniquely tailored to you.

then Fleur de Vie is perfect for you.

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